David Cools Vázquez is a Belgian-Spanish pianist and composer.IMG_3556-2 About copy

He graduated under the tuition of William Peeters in the Music Academy of Willebroek, Antwerp in 1996 with a 98% mark and Medal of the mayor house.

In 2001 he won the first prize during the Musicologica competition in Leuven, Belgium. He also obtained the first prize for his interpretation of the compulsory work “Bachatelle” by composer Peter Swinnen.

Since 2003 he has been studying in the Music Academy of Bornem under the tuition of Erwin De Bock, a pupil of Peter Feuchtwanger.

In 2003 he published an empirical research about the pedagogical relationship between piano teacher and pupil in the Conservatory of Music of Seville, Spain, stating: “Pianists are also sportsmen”.

On December 28, 2005 he played in the historical CAM-building in Cartagena, Spain.

In 2011 he took master classes with Prof. Peter Feuchtwanger in Waldkirch, Germany.

In 2013 he gave a piano recital in Quito, Ecuador including his own compositions.

He won the Best Soundtrack award at Ciné Public Festival (Belgium, 2009) for the movie El camino del deseo by Eva Cools (his sister).  His sound track  for Las Meninas (2011) by Eva Cools was his most recent contribution.

Photo credits: Octavian Carare

Photos venue: Castle d’Ursel


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Pianist & composer

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