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Creation by David Cools

13.8 billion years ago, the physical Universe was born – Big Bang! 

Many billion years would still pass before the first sign of life emerged. What is life?

Enjoy my (re)creation of the birth of life in 1 minute.

Creation, encore for piano, composed in January 2016 , dedicated to Félix Ardanaz.  Score available on demand.


Radio premiere of Pepe’s Waltz

Radio premiere of David Cools’ recording of José Pagán’s Waltz on the Spanish National Radio.

On 22.01.2016, the Spanish national classical radio station broadcast a program about the music of my great-uncle, José Pagán López, tireless composer especially celebrated for his Habaneras.

Juan Antonio, his son, presented my recording of Pepe’s Waltz (José is Pepe in Spanish). I played and recorded the piece in 2009, in the d’Ursel Castle, on a Steinway B.

This Waltz was composed around 1951 and was a harmony study embodied in a Chopin-style nocturne.

Start listening at 10′.


See the live performance of Pepe’s Waltz during the 2013 Quito recital: